Pinpuff is Klout for Pinterest

A new service has just launched In India called Pinpuff and it is attempting to do for Pinterest what Klout did for Twitter. The service calculates a Pinfluence and Pin Worth score that determine how much value you have on Pinterest.

The service calculates your worth by Looking at how many Pinterest fans you have, what categories of Pins you use and also measures how often people click on your Pins. All of was done without even having the advantage of an official Pinterest developer API.

You can see my score in the image below, and see your reach score, virality score and activity score.  The three of those combine for your overall score.  Your reach measures how many followers you have and how many people will see your Pins.  Your virality score is the measure of who actually clicks and views those pins and your activity score measures how often you Pin (which as you can see, is quite low for me).

I’ll be checking out the service more in the near future to determine whether it’s accurately appraising my Pinterest talent but in the meantime let us know what you think and visit the site here.

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