Pinterest Makes First Push in Targeting Super Bowl Viewers With Personalized Microsite

With Sargento ads

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Twitter and Facebook are the go-to online properties for keeping tabs on the Super Bowl during the game, but what about Pinterest?

This year, the site is taking its first stab at courting Super Bowl watchers and advertisers with a microsite dubbed “Most Valuable Party Planner,” which scrapes users’ accounts for their likes to create a football-themed board of recipes, fashion and party tips. Based on the stat that there are more than 600 million pins about cheese on Pinterest, Sargento is sponsoring the section.

“We started looking at our insights and saw that the different things that people come to Pinterest to plan and get inspired in advance,” said Alastair Cotterill, global head of The Studio at Pinterest—the company’s in-house creative team. “For sports events, they tend to come about a week before.”

“This year, we’ve seen three times as many searches for football-related recipes, so we came up with the idea of creating something that really adds to people’s experience. Our internal creative team came up with the idea and then took it to Sargento.”

The site asks people a few questions about what type of Super Bowl party they are planning and their style and then pulls in data from Pinterest’s API to create the digital board of recommended recipes and football content that is published to users’ profiles.

Sargento’s Promoted Pins push cheese chips and appetizers that users can save to their profile. Clicking through on an ad directs folks to recipes on the brand’s website.

“This is a trend that we’re working with lots of brands on—how to create experiences that make sense with how people are using Pinterest but also ones that are personalized and tailored,” Cotterill said.

Pinterest is promoting the microsite with cinematic and one-tap ads on its own site and is also interestingly buying Facebook and Twitter ads that link to the content.

“In terms of driving people to the experience, Sargento wanted Promoted Pins and we also have some media outside of Pinterest,” explained Cotterill. “Sargento has a broader campaign that this is part of.”

Pinterest has steadily built an ad business over the past couple of years with a search-like model that rivals Google and has recently put a big emphasis on measurement, research and video ads.

“The eye-opening point that you’re going to hear from us all year is, ‘We’re a mass reach play,'” president Tim Kendall recently told Adweek. “If you think about the major CPGs and retailers, the audience that drives all the decision-making are women, 25 to 54. If you want to reach those people, we reach 80 percent of what Facebook reaches every month. And we reach more of that segment than Instagram, Snap or Twitter.”

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