Pinterest Profiled 4 Types of Holiday Shoppers

Are you a guest, gifter, planner or time-saver?

67 percent of Pinners plan to spend more than $250 during this holiday season praetorianphoto/iStock
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It’s never too early to start thinking about the holiday shopping season, and Pinterest profiled four types of holiday shoppers that use its visual search tools.

Pinterest said in a blog post that starting as early as July, some 46 million people come to its network to get ideas for the holidays, and 90 percent of Pinners say Pinterest aids their purchasing decisions.

The company added that eMarketer forecasts just 3.8 percent growth in retail sales for this year’s holiday season, down from 5.5 percent in 2017, but 67 percent of Pinners plan to spend more than $250 during this holiday season.

Without further ado, here are Pinterest’s four types of holiday shoppers: the guest, the gifter, the planner and the time-saver.

The guest

  • Would rather show up to get-togethers than host them.
  • Tend to splurge for themselves during the holiday shopping season, but also know what to bring to events they attend.
  • Loves to bring things for hosts, including alcoholic beverages. Pinterest said, “Your brand can inspire them by showcasing products that would make great gifts for a party-thrower, like cocktails and beverage accessories.”
  • Top categories: Toys and games (53 percent), alcoholic beverages (52 percent), jewelry and accessories (43 percent).
  • Targetable interests: home decor, holidays, entertainment, casual outfits, personal care, interior design.

The gifter

  • More likely to be focused on others and willing to spend, with 86 percent planning to shell out $250 or more during the 2018 holiday season.
  • Will buy gifts for nearly everyone. Pinterest said, “They come to Pinterest to find new and excellent gift ideas, so make sure to emphasize the quality of the product you provide. Help them find the right gifts by suggesting products for different recipients—one for their spouse, one for a parent, etc.”
  • Top categories: Clothing and footwear (78 percent), toys and games (69 percent), holiday and seasonal decorations (68 percent).
  • Targetable interests: casual outfits, home decor, holidays, do-it-yourself and crafts, education.

The planner

  • “The mastermind behind the season’s best bashes,” they do their research and spend the time to decide which products are the right ones.
  • Pinterest said, “The planner is open to new ideas if they’ll make the holidays even better. Inspire them to use your brand’s food, home and gift ideas in ways that will make their holiday visions come to life. And don’t shy away from big ideas—they’re not afraid to cook up a lavish meal or put up stunning decor.”
  • Top categories: Clothing and footwear (74 percent), food and beverage (61 percent), holiday and seasonal decorations (60 percent).
  • Targetable interests: desserts, drinks, decorations, eclectic decor, Thanksgiving.

The time-saver

  • Wants the fun of hosting without the hassle, and looks for ways to make things convenient, such as using pre-prepared ingredients or party décor kits.
  • Pinterest said, “They don’t mind if their holiday comes in a box—if it’s simple, straightforward and quick, it’s perfect. Food brands will want to showcase how to use products to make easy holidays meals, including both practical advice and quick ways to customize the dish. When it comes to gift-giving, the time-saver wants to find the right gift in as little time as possible. Make it easy by suggesting recipient-specific gifts, like ones for siblings or spouses.”
  • Top categories: Food and beverage (68 percent).
  • Targetable interests: Christmas party, food and drink, holiday recipes, home decor, personal care. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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