Is Pinterest Driving More Traffic Than Twitter? [STATS]

New stats for the month of February show that Pinterest – which is just two years old and only hit mainstream a few months ago – has surpassed Twitter in blog traffic referrals.

Shareaholic monitored over 200,000 online publishers with their sharing widget installed, to see where the combined 270 million visitors to these publishers came from.

During February, just under half (48.81 percent) of all web traffic to Shareaholic publishers came from Google. And Facebook is the second largest referral of traffic, sending 6.38 percent of traffic last month.

Moving on down the list, Pinterest was the sixth highest referrer in the month of February. The image-heavy social sharing site sent 1.08 percent of all traffic to Shareaholic web publishers. And that puts Pinterest above Twitter: the microblogging service sent just .82 percent of traffic.

The February stats follow similar January stats from Shareaholic, which showed Pinterest gaining fast on Twitter and already outpacing Google+ and LinkedIn.

Shareaholic explains why Pinterest passing Twitter is a significant shift in how web traffic flows from social networks:

“Our previous report dug into our referral traffic and revealed that Pinterest outpaced Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined for share of referral traffic. However, admittedly, Pinterest’s digital collage wonderland is essentially a photo-sharing/link-sharing service that is naturally inclined to drive referral traffic. But as Twitter is another share-heavy platform, Pinterest’s edge over the micro-blogging service is particularly significant. Not to mention, Pinterest is still invite-only.”

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