Pinterest Users Pin Holiday Content 4 Months Before Christmas

Pinterest has revealed new data highlighting the pinning habits of users during the holiday season, as well as its top pinned products for 2015.

Pinterest has released new data detailing the increase in activity it sees during the holiday season. For instance, users reportedly begin pinning holiday content up to four months before Christmas, with 71 percent of those pins relating to fashion, home decor, quotes and other products. There are currently 17.7 million holiday gift pins on the platform.

Ahead of the two biggest shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Pinterest said it has seen a 140 percent increase in pins about those major shopping days in the past year. Two million users have saved pins about Black Friday and Cyber Monday so far.

Pinterest users also reportedly do more shopping on Black Friday than the average online user. Sourcing a November 2015 survey by Civic Science, Pinterest said its users will spend four times more on toys and games, three times more on housewares, clothing and accessory items, and 2.2 times more on electronics and media products.

In addition, while Pinterest users may spend money at major department or discount stores (among others), the Civic Science survey found Pinterest users are also 50 percent more likely to spend the most money at specialty stores and local businesses on Black Friday.

Finally, Pinterest has announced the top pinned products for 2015. Here are some of the products and gift ideas users might be shopping for this holiday season:

  1. A new wave water bottle
  2. A solar charger for your smartphone
  3. Lace-up boots to hit the pavement 
  4. Glow in the dark leggings take athleisure to a new level
  5. Asymmetrical coats
  6. Artful gemstones 
  7. A smarter way to pack your bag
  8. Stylish swaddle blankets
  9. Graphic tees and tops 
  10. Tapestries to transform your bedroom

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

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