Pinterest’s Visual Search Capabilities Took the Next Step Forward With Complete the Look

Users can now understand the full scene of a Pin and get information about objects that are included

How Pinterest will help its users Complete the Look Pinterest

Pinterest is giving Pinners exploring topics such as fashion and home décor a way to Complete the Look.

The new Complete the Look feature builds on Pinterest’s focus on visual search to enable Pinners to understand the full scene of a Pin and gather as much information as possible about the objects displayed within that Pin.

Pinterest provided the following examples: A Pin featuring a living room now lends itself to Pinterest recommended objects that match the scene and users’ tastes, such as lamps, pillows and tables; and for a street-style Pin with a beach scene, “we can pull out the products, recognize the environmental context and give recommendations for how to complete the outfit with a hat, sandals and sunglasses based on products in other similar scenes.”

Complete the Look can identify elements in Pins such as type of outfit, body type of people included in the Pin, season, indoors or outdoors, furniture and “the overall aesthetics of a room.”

Pinterest said 83% of weekly fashion Pinners have made purchases based on seeing brands’ content on its network, while 78% of weekly Pinners engaging with home décor pins have done so, as well, and 49% of home weekly Pinners used Pinterest in store while shopping for home products.

Eric Kim and Eileen Li of Pinterest’s visual search team said in a blog post detailing the technology behind Complete the Look, “In a traditional image search system, the objective is to return results that are visually similar to a query image. However, we’re working with a visual discovery engine where we need to identify and return visual components from a broader scene to recommend ideas like an outfit or living room style, and differentiate and personalize across queries. This makes the larger scene just as important as the main piece in any given Pin. Every visual object within a Pin is an opportunity to search and discover.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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