Pittsburgh Penguins Broadcaster Jokes About ‘I Can’t Breathe’

penguins i cant breathe

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People protest for various reasons. Most of them are good.

Today, thanks to the power of national TV, social media, and a little bit of merchandising, sociopolitical or economic causes can take on a whole new life. Most recently, the death of New York native Eric Garner — who died after an NYPD officer applied a chokehold to restrain him — inspired more than 25,000 to march in Manhattan this weekend.

The line “I Can’t Breathe” has been seen everywhere as a result, and a local sportscaster thought it was fair game for a bad joke.

If you know hockey, you know (and mostly respect) Stan Savran. He’s the in-studio host for the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey club and typically one of the really good guys in the game.

He was caught without much to say during the first intermission of the Penguins game with the Columbus Blue Jackets, in which the Pens were getting spanked.

He was sitting there comparing notes with his sidekick and former Penguins forward Jay Caufield (seated right) and decided to make an unfortunate reference:

Savran was obviously talking about the Penguins’ defensive ineptitude, which most fans would attribute to “choking.” But it’s not like he wasn’t aware of the shirts seen on many NBA players during practice; yet, he couldn’t help himself because the analogy was so not appropriate.

Following that broadcast, someone probably took Stan aside and warned him that unnecessary controversy is never a good idea. Here comes the Twitter apology:

Unlike many, Savran is a classy guy. But he may want to stick a little closer to the script moving forward.

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