PivotPlanet Launches Site to Connect Job Seekers & Dreamers With Experts

Have you ever wanted to pursue a dream job in media whether it’s the next step in your career or a giant leap into another medium?

Well, thanks to PivotPlanet, you can interact with experts in that particular area based on your region via phone or video.

Granted, we haven’t tested it here at MJD but as an example, a woman who wants to relocate from San Antonio to L.A. to become a script writer has scheduled a video session with Mark Kunerth from NBC’s The New Normal.

According to its site, it seems simple enough: Select an advisor, schedule a time, pay (sessions start at $50) and voila! You have your session.

Launched as part of Upstart Labs’ business incubator program, PivotPlanet is the brainchild of Brian Kurth, the founder of VocationVacations®, a one-on-one, on-site mentorship program.