PixyKids Social Network for Children Gets $3M in Funding

PixyKids, a social network for kids 6-12, has raised $3m in funding from ATA Ventures and angel investors.  The PixyKids service is a new social network dedicated to providing entertainment and social interaction for children and their parents, and it focuses on interactive tools and apps to ensure it’s a fun, creative experience for children rather than just a stark network of profiles.

One of the key elements of PixyKids is creating the site to be fun for children, but safe and rewarding for parents as well.  “Parents are looking for sites they can feel good about, that help their kids develop socially, offer positive reinforcement, and are creatively enriching,” said Rajul Kadakia, CEO and Co-Founder.  The site is focusing heavily on the creation element, and will offer children the ability to create art projects out of photos, videos and their own artwork, and then share them only to close friends and parents.

Talking to Betakit, Kadakia discussed the idea of turning the children’s projects into small games, and envisions the network as a place where “Facebook meets Disney.”  The site looks like it will require parents to approve every connection between children and other members, which really makes this like a chaperoned network, and makes perfect sense for the younger generation who probably all try to jump on Facebook these days as there is no alternative.

So do you think this has the legs to take off?