Platform update: ads, passwords, access tokens, more

As Facebook continues to review and approve new Open Graph actions, the social network announced a number of changes affecting developers working on the platform.

Action specs – The Ads API now allows developers to create Featured Stories (previously called “Sponsored Stories”) using action specs rather than by ad creative type. This will make it easier for developers to adapt to new story types when they are launched (i.e., promoting stories about users listening to a song or earning a high score rather than simply “using an app” or “playing a game”). The old Sponsored Stories creative types will be deprecated as of May 1. The company provided more detail in a blog post here.

Test user passwords – Facebook added the option to set a test user’s password now from the Developer App to make it easier for developers to test their mobile apps. Developers can change the password of a test users from the “roles” section of the Developer App.

Access tokens – Facebook reminded developers not to share access tokens between applications to ensure the security of those tokens.

Game Developer Conference – The company will host Facebook Developer Day at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco on March 5. Conference attendees can learn more about developing social games on the platform through tutorials and discussions. More details are available here.

Page insights deprecation – Facebook will completely remove the old page insights from the API on Feb. 15.

New auth dialog – All apps will be able to use the improved authorization dialog on Feb. 15. Developers who haven’t fully configured the new dialog can disable the setting from the Developer App until the end of the month. All apps will be required to use the new dialog starting March 1.

Historical actions – Facebook has taken Open Graph action backdating out of beta. Developers can now make posts to previous dates on users’ Timelines. We covered the change in more depth here.

For more breaking changes and information about bugs, see Facebook’s Developer Blog.

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