Derek Jeter Gets a Donald Sterling Scoop

PlayersTribuneLogoIf this any indication of the kind of content The Players’ Tribune will be publishing, folks at Grantland and such may want to start worrying.

Under the simple, stark headline “The Boss,” LA Clippers star Blake Griffin shares some candid thoughts about his team’s disgraced former owner. The All-Star begins by recalling his awkward first encounters with Sterling at one of the billionaire’s annual “White Party” dress-up celebrations in Malibu. Then, he tracks back to this:

When I knew the Clippers were drafting me, the first thing I did was type Donald Sterling’s name into Google. The first hit that came up was “Donald Sterling is a racist.” I read an article on how he didn’t want minorities to live in his apartment buildings. My first thought was, Wow this guy is really, really a racist… How is he an owner of an NBA team?

My second thought was, Wow, these articles are from 2003 and 2008. I guess everybody already knows about this stuff and just doesn’t care.

At another point in the essay, Griffin rather hilariously brings up the names of Walter Matthau and Michael Jackson. The Players’ Tribune senior editor also inculcates the media, very convincingly, for its initial coverage of new owner Steve Ballmer. Read the full post here.

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