Playstation Outage Inspires One Gamer to Call 911


How was your holiday? Get any new video games? If so, sucks that you didn’t get to play them until a few days later, doesn’t it?

ICYMI (or you couldn’t hear your child’s harangue from behind his or her closed bedroom door): there was a hack attack on both XBOX and Playstation that caused a global outage for three days.

According to the story, the “Lizard Squad” took credit for the disruptions. Scary.

Their handiwork was enough to throw many gamers into a frenetic mess. Sony tried to calm them by extending its holiday flash sale, but one gamer from Florida considered the outage to be more of a real-life emergency. Yes, dude called 911.

WPTV-5 (West Palm Beach, Florida – NBC) covered this gripping story about a (very) lonely kid and his hacked gaming station. This West Palm Beach sheriff’s department dispatcher probably wasn’t expecting this call about a child and his lost toy:

WPTV transcript

He only needed a little help, see:

The dispatcher then suggests the caller phone Sony directly using a number that is likely on the machine itself. PBSO later tweeted, “Last time I checked that wasn’t an emergency. Try going outside or read a book.”

The sheriff’s department tweeted the call as a in impromptu PSA. Happy 2015, everyone!

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