‘Please Respond With ‘Macho Man Randy Savage’ In The Subject Line’

We’re sorry to Sanborn Media Factory for giving away this job ad’s gimmick but we really can’t help it—in this economy, where hundreds of applicants will snatch at a job no matter what it is, good job descriptions are rare.

Sanborn Media Factory, a 30-person interactive agency in Manhattan, is hiring an “interactive producer/daring truth seeker.” According to the ad that’s a “hybrid project manager and account manager” to work on campaigns for magazines, startups, and a few nonprofits (like the Girl Scouts—mm, cookies).

The ad describes the requirements and then goes on to explain the culture:

If you’ve spent some time at a workplace where getting on the elevator in the morning requires a deep breath and a silent prayer to the gods of Holy-Shit-I-Can’t-Believe-I’m-Going-Back-Up-There because there is no soul, no camaraderie, no meaning and no sign of friendly human beings getting shit done and having fun doing it…welcome sir or madam….for here there lives no bullshit, no assholes, no shitheads, no drama.

And THEN…the application instructions:

If you are interested in applying, please send a resume and write a note that does its best to convey who you are underneath the layers of standard issue HR bubble wrap. If we’re going to spend 8 -10 hours a day sitting 61 inches across Ikea’s finest GALANT desk product…you gotta talk to me like a human being … So have at it….but know that I am really just looking for good, smart people who are looking for the kind of special sauce we make here. Oh…and over 1,000 people applied to the last job I posted and I read every single word of every single application so keep that in mind…you will hear back from me if you write to me and I will read everything you say…for what it’s worth. I’m all soft on the inside…I can’t help it.

PS – Please respond with MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE in the subject line of your response so I know you read this whole posting and are not someone who is not thorough, is a nefarious machine, is a recruiter or a well-intentioned company that is unwilling to understand I want a human being sitting in my office to do this work.

How much do we love this? More than Savage loved Slim Jims:

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