Podcast Fans Are Ready for Adam Carolla + Dennis Miller

PodcastOne stars are teaming up for an additional weekly stream

Adam Carolla currently occupies the top spot on PodcastOne’s “Top 25 Podcasts.” The network also broadcasts Dennis Miller’s daily Miller Time musings.

iTunesTopComedyPodcasts_01_29So what happens when these two name-brand stars are combined? Well, there’s no actual first episode of the weekly PodcastOne offering PO’DCast yet. But per the screen grab on the right, the 30-second promo for the show debuting this weekend has vaulted to the top of the iTunes Comedy Podcasts chart, as folks check in and subscribe.

In the 30-second tease, Miller explains that as far as “whose voice most mirrors what’s in my head, it’s this cat…” E.g. Carolla. Beginning Saturday, we’ll all get to hear what the pairing sounds like.

On a recent Miller Time, the host revisited with guest Kenny G the days in the 1980s when the saxophonist opened for Miles Davis and got Davis’ seal of peer approval. “You would think that the critics would take that and not be so hard on my music,” G suggested with a laugh. Responded Miller: “Once Miles tells you you’re OK, I would elicit the disapproval of the critics. I would feed off of it.”

G also related the hilarity of now accompanying his son Max to Megadeth concerts. “Picture me inside the mosh pit…” he told Miller. “All these metal heads are going, ‘Hey man, my mom really loves your music. Can I take your picture?'”

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