Pokemon Go Update Adds Capture Locations to Pokemon Info

Niantic released a new update for Pokemon Go on iOS and Android.

Niantic released a new update for Pokemon Go on iOS and Android. The update adds a Pokemon’s capture location to its information screen.

Specifically, when users capture a Pokemon (or look at a previously captured Pokemon), its information screen will display its capture location and capture date in text at the bottom of the screen. It’s worth noting that capture locations were previously part of the game, with each Pokemon having a small map showing its general capture location. However, that feature was removed.

Elsewhere, with this update, users can now attempt to capture Pokemon they’ve encountered by using Incense using the Pokemon Go Plus accessory. The Pokemon Go Plus is a device that allows users to receive alerts about in-game events without looking at their phones.

Finally, Niantic said this update includes “minor bug fixes.”

In addition to these updates, Niantic said it has “some exciting features and changes coming soon.”

Pokemon Go is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.