Pokemon TCG Online Launches on iPad

Pokemon TCG OnlineAfter years of waiting, an official Pokemon game has launched on iOS devices. That’s right, the Pokemon Trading Card Game has officially launched on iPad, in an app known as “Pokemon TCG Online.” The game was built for both experienced pros of the card game and new beginners, as users can start by choosing from Grass, Fire or Water decks to step right into the game and get started. In the Pokemon Trading Card game, users take their cards into battle in multiple gameplay modes: Quick Match, Trainer Challenge, Versus and Tournaments.

Users can unlock new cards and decks as they play, increasing their collection within the game. This includes trading content with other players or voluntarily spending real money on in-app purchases. All of a player’s decks and cards are saved as part of their Pokemon Trainer Club account, which means progress carries from the desktop game to the iPad without issue.Pokemon TCG OnlineWith multiple game modes, users can practice their skills against the computer, before taking their deck into matches against other real-world players. The game’s cards support seven languages, while the overall UI supports 12 language options.

The Pokemon TCG Online app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app supports iPad Mini with Retina and iPad 3+. iPad Mini without Retina, and iPad 1 and 2 are not supported.