Politico Avoids Potty During Livestream

If you learn nothing else from today’s The New Yorker piece on Politico‘s new livestream show by Ryan Lizza, it’s that they largely don’t take bathroom breaks. Probably more than we wanted to know. But actually, we’re relieved we know that Mike Allen can go six hours sans potty. Impressive!

“We started in Iowa, and that one was me on a barstool, by myself, with an iPad,” Allen told Lizza. “We wound up going six hours – not one bathroom break.”

Lizza declares the show a “hit” and explains why it appears to be catching on in recent weeks. He writes, “It’s just hours of unfiltered banter by Politico‘s motley writers, who revel in how untelegenic they are.”

We enjoyed this graph: “During a discussion of Barack Obama’s basketball game summit with Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, where the two world leaders ate hot dogs, [Jim] VandeHei turned to [Jonathan] Martin and said, ‘You look like a hot-dog eater, Jonathan.'”

VandeHei, who plays host and relentlessly ribs the reporters, explains why he thinks the show is a success. He says, “Traditional TV, it ain’t doin’ it for ’em anymore. They want something more authentic.”

He says people enjoy the sausage-making process.

Note to readers: We can’t bring you the story since it is behind a subscriber paywall. But see the story in the latest issue of The New Yorker. Also…look for another episode of Politico‘s reality TV show tomorrow night.


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