Presidential Political Debates in the Office? Just Say No

We’re getting down to the wire now! With merely one week to go in the election, there’s no doubt your Facebook feeds are blowing up and watercooler buzz is focusing on the candidates.

As per a piece in today’s New York Post, if someone doesn’t give up on their questions and is relentless in getting you to respond to their questions about the issues, ask them a question back.

Nicole Williams, NYC-based career expert explained, “You know they have an opinion, or else they wouldn’t be asking you the question.”

And even if you do have an opinion, remain in the middle about it. She recommended sticking with the general public and what people are “saying on the morning shows. That way, you’re not going to be so controversial.”

If a political discussion does start to heat up and you find yourself embroiled in it, there are ways to be tactful and professional about it.

Her advice per the newspaper? “Start with, ‘I see what you’re saying, but this was my thought…’. You want to validate that you’ve heard their point and you get where they’re coming from.”

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