Post-Super Tuesday Message to Newt: Get Out!

Super Tuesday is behind us and with the results showing that the race is increasingly between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, the two are calling for Newt Gingrich to scram.

According to The Washington Post, Santorum’s camp made it clear that Gingrich, who was only successful in Georgia last night, should clear the way for Santorum and stop taking votes from their guy.

“Newt has become a hindrance to a conservative alternative,” said Stuart Roy, the head of a Santorum super-PAC, Red White & Blue. Santorum’s comms manager went even further, saying Santorum would be winning if not for Gingrich.

Romney has also asked Gingrich (and Santorum, actually) to call it quits. A memo from his camp reads, “As Governor Romney’s opponents attempt to ignore the basic principles of math, the only person’s odds of winning they are increasing are President Barack Obama’s.”

Gingrich, for his part, says he’s the “tortoise” who will outlast Santorum as he has other candidates, who he strangely calls “bunny rabbits” (Sen. Michelle Bachmann, Gov. Rick Perry, etc.). It must be those power naps that give him the strength to carry on. Though he does seem a bit confused when he wakes up.

[image: Gingrich and his wife Callista in Alabama today Phot: AP, David Bundy]