A Superhero Movie Co-Written by a Newspaper Man

In the shadow of layoffs, an indie film scripted by The Oklahoman's features editor is set to open theatrically

Last November, indie film The Posthuman Project screened in Times Square as part of the annual Urban Action Showcase. Tomorrow in Oklahoma City, the teen superhero drama will debut theatrically, not far from the newspaper where its co-writer has been working for more than a decade.

Matthew Price, features editor at The Oklahoman since 2009, started writing a weekly column about comic books for the paper in 2001. Today, he also blogs about the topic (“Nerdage) and co-owns in Norman, with wife Annette, the comic books store Speeding Bullet Books & Comics. From The Posthuman Project’s Facebook page:

From the beginning, people in the film industry told us we weren’t going to get a theatrical release because we didn’t have any “stars”! Just goes to show with a great script and talented cast/crew, you can make an indie film that WILL get a theatrical release!

We couldn’t have done this without you all coming to the screenings during our festival run. If you’re near Oklahoma bring the whole family to support the film at AMC Quail Springs the week of Friday Jan 30th!

Price co-wrote the screenplay with Sterling Gates, an Oklahoma native currently based in LA. Gates is the author of the DC Comics graphic novel series Superman: New Krypton Saga. Congrats to everyone involved.

Editor’s Note: Sadly, there is no superhero saving the fortunes of daily newspapers. As we were writing this item, Romenesko linked to news that 18 Oklahoman staffers are being laid off through the end of today. Read the developing details here.

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