Poynter Calls Out the ‘Worst Pitches Ever’

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In case you want to remind yourself that many pitches are not successful, here’s a story via Poynter — actually, a public query — about the worst pitches certain journalists have received. Sad to say, it’s hilarious (and Mr. Senor Flack and Ms. Anonymous PR Girl, we’re thinking of you two sharing this cacophonous mess).

How so? This post will scream #PRFail!

So why point these bad pitches out? Just scroll through our #5Things and you will see the countless times we offer the PRNewserverse tip, tools, and even tricks on how to best represent this glorious industry. (Yes, for real.)

That said, we must do better — because once our journo friends have sworn us off for good, there is no reversing that mess. They are gone and you only have green flacks pitching and “oh so senior” mentors forgetting to do that part of their job to blame.

You’ll see what we mean after the jump…

Kristen Hare of Poynter fame made a simple request to her readers not too long ago, asking for the “best-worst pitches ever.” PR practitioners — or at least those who don’t practice much — did not disappoint.

Jen Kopf, a home and garden writer for LancasterOnline in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, shared the best of the best-worst:

“This week’s winner: ‘”Having trouble pooping?’”

Here’s a sampling from the poo-poo platter. Hopefully, it will inspire you to work a little harder at finding news, NOT pitching awards, and learning about the people you pitch before pressing send on that “Dear, Name” email.