President Obama To Tweet, Personally, From @BarackObama During Campaign

If you follow @BarackObama, you’ll get to hear from the President himself from time to time on the campaign trail and from Washington.

Announced on the Barack Obama campaign website Friday, the new @BarackObama will be run by staff from Obama for America, the President’s 2012 campaign team, and tweets from the President himself will be signed “-BO”. The team also tweeted about the new, more personal approach to social media:

“Welcome to a new @BarackObama. From now on, #Obama2012 staff will manage this account; tweets from the President will be signed “-BO.””

And the President made his very first Twitter appearance just two days after the announcement, tweeting on Father’s Day:

It’s refreshing to see Obama take a hands-on approach to his Twitter account, even if it is just every now and again. His 2008 campaign was built around social media, with innovative uses of YouTube for town halls and an active Facebook and Twitter presence. Of course, after he won it’s no wonder he took a step back from social media (after all, he did take on the duties of the President of the United States), but now that he’s campaigning again it’s clear he and his team see its importance.

I hope the other candidates, and other politicians in general, take a page from Obama’s book. Even one of the busiest men in the world can take some time for a hands-on approach to Twitter (and a professional one, at that). If we see more politicians signing their own tweets and taking an active role in their online personas and campaigns, I think we’d see more interest in digital political engagement.

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