10.3 Million Tweets Sent During Last Night’s Presidential Debates

President Obama and Mitt Romney met in Denver last night to verbally duke it out, and Twitter was listening. Between 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. EDT, users sent 10.3 million tweets related to the Presidential debate.

The tweets started to really spike around 9:14 when Romney joked about Obama’s anniversary, and they didn’t stop for over an hour.

Some notable moments during the high-profile debate included the discussion of “trickle down government” which garnered 113,726 tweets per minute, Obama calling Romney’s plan “never mind” which saw 137,683 tweets per minute, and the now-infamous Big Bird comment which received 135,332 tweets per minute.

Take a look at the chart that Twitter put together depicting the tweets that referenced the presidential debate, candidates and related terms (click to enlarge):

The more than 10 million tweets surrounding the debate makes it the most tweeted-about event in US politics.

And it wouldn’t be a Twitter event without pop culture and parody accounts making their way into the limelight. After Romney invoked Big Bird as the embodiment of what would be cut when he stopped funding PBS, the Twitter-sphere went up in arms to protect the lovable yellow bird.

The Twitter parody account @FiredBigBird , whose bio reads “Just got fired by Mitt Romney”, surged to over 25,000 followers after the debate, with fellow parody account @BIGBIRD enjoying just under 20,000 followers.

Did you tweet about the Presidential Debates last night? If so, what moment(s) stood out in your Twitter timeline?

(Republican and Democrat debate image via Shutterstock)