#PRFail: BlackBerry Tweets Promo from an iPhone

Not the best look for a company struggling to compete.

You may have heard that BlackBerry thinks your iPhone is worth $550, but the company’s PR team seems to be all Mac all the way. In a story that recalls the work of former “creative director” Alicia Keys, Canadian politician Norm Kelly made an interesting observation yesterday: BlackBerry’s team had tweeted its latest promo from…an iPhone.

Yes. Yes, it did; this screenshot from Kelly’s TweetDeck proves it. The team quickly deleted this message, but its symbolism couldn’t be more appropriate.

Unlike Keys, the BlackBerry communications team cannot make the (completely unbelievable) claim that its Twitter account “got hacked.”

There’s been no apology to date, and we see no word from BlackBerry’s corporate “fact-checking” blog, which hasn’t been active since November. Now, about that smart watch

(On a side note, we were very amused by Norm Kelly’s repeated attempts to troll Drake into supporting the PR campaign to name Canadian player Kyle Lowry as an NBA All-Star.)

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