Another Price is Right Model Files Sexual Harassment Suit

Andrew Blankstein of the LA Times has posted a sordid legal complaint filed yesterday in LA Superior Court by former Price is Right model Lanisha Cole (pictured).

Never mind that the defendants are namesakes for Adam Sandler and Michael Richards, something the reporter has to make clear in the first paragraph of his article. Beginning with the charge that show producer Richards started communicating with Cole at the end of 2009 by means of written messages delivered through go-between staffers, there’s all kinds of crazy stuff here, including allegations of a Richards romance with another model (Amber Lancaster) and this very unpleasant alleged September 2010 incident involving Sandler:

Ignoring these [KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING] signs, as well as the verbal and later physical protests of the several women who were in the dressing room at the time, Sandler marched into the dressing room, walked straight to where Cole was changing outfits, and began scolding her for her failure to wear a microphone…

Plaintiff was completely nude with the exception of a very sheer thong bikini underwear… Sandler continued to verbally berate Plaintiff , while his eyes were free to look at her exposed breasts and entire body.

Cole also details the ongoing favoritism shown towards Lancaster by Richards and a December 2010 meeting during which she was accused of “holding the show hostage” because of having taken her complaints to HR reps for Freemantle Media North America. She says in her complaint that she was so traumatized by the lack of addressing at this meeting of the overriding issues that she forcibly quit that same day.

[Photo taken from Cole’s Price is Right bio page]

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.