Prince Charles to Allbritton: Get Out of My Cookie Jar

Joe Allbritton, father to Politico owner Robert Allbritton, reportedly planned to invest millions in his buddy Prince Charles‘s new cookie company. But Allbritton was royally rebuffed the other day, according to the Daily Mail. The brush-off came after Allbritton had already invested nearly $1 million into Prince Charles‘s new business, Duchy Originals cookies. Allbritton was prepared to invest $3.25 million in the cookies. Instead of Allbritton, Charles chose a company called Waitrose to distribute the “biscuits,” as they’re known across the pond.

Allbritton and his wife, Barbara (a.k.a. “Barbie”), are bosom buddies with the royals and attended Will and Kate’s wedding. The Daily Mail says Allbritton should expect a “charm offensive” from royal aides to smooth over the crummy incident.

Some cookies perhaps?

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