Brace Yourselves… Twitter Profile Pics Now Open Differently When You Click On Them

In a change to the user interface that many analysts are already hailing as one of the most innovative design risks in the history of social media, the profile pictures on now behave very differently when you click on them.

Previously, the picture would open in a new tab on your browser.

And now? It pops-up.

Yessir. Just load up your favourite user profile on, click on their main profile avatar picture and before you can say “Candygram for Mongo” the image has popped-up right before your eyes.

This is heady stuff. But we want more. Indeed, speculation about the next big change is already reaching fever pitch. Perhaps usernames *won’t* underline when you mouseover them? Can you imagine? Be still, my beating heart.

All this tomfoolery aside, if you ever needed another reason to make the profile photo you upload to your Twitter account at least 400×400 pixels, this is it. Nothing worse than a pop-up that gets smaller.

Believe me.

(Wow image via Shutterstock.)

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