‘Prometheus’: One Movie, Six Videos

We know you’re getting your outfit ready for the big Hunger Games premiere, but there are other movies you know. One that we’re excited about (because we’re huge fans of the first two Ellen Ripley Alien flicks that still manage to scare us after repeated viewing) is Prometheus, a kind of prequel to these dark, outer space classics, also by Ridley Scott.

Among the stars of the new movie are Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, and the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Noomi Rapace. In the months leading up to its premiere — Prometheus doesn’t come out until June — the studio is already taking its marketing to interesting lengths.

In light of the disaster that was the marketing effort for John Carter, this is a smart strategy. John Carter fell even further in this weekend’s box office, and there’s news today that Disney is taking a $200 million hit from the movie. Damn!

New York magazine has lined up all six of the clips released so far for Prometheus. We’ve attached the full U.K. trailer above, which we think pretty well sums up the action.

In addition to the traditional trailers, the movie has a Lost-style website for the company at the heart of the action, Weyland Corp (remember the Dharma Initiative) and a commercial for one of its “products.” And they’ve created a faux-TED Talk with one of the film’s stars, Guy Pearce.

Finally, the movie was a feature at this weekend’s WonderCon event.

One thing you’ll notice when looking at all of these clips versus the two that we posted for John Carter is how cohesive they are. Each reiterates the story being told, with some of the clips revealing more than others. You know what it is and it’s exciting. “Concentrated acid” for blood? An “artificial human” that acts creepy? Looks like a yes on both counts. So excited.

Total aside, New York also has a breakdown of the marketing machine behind The Hunger Games — $45 million marketing budget, 80,000 free posters distributed, and 50 magazine covers. And apparently it’s Hunger Games Week. Damn!