PRs Talk About Their Trips to SXSW

The interactive portion of SXSW is coming to a close today (the music portion starts today and SXSW Film runs through the 17th). Many across the PR industry made the pilgrimage to Austin — our Tweetdeck was filled with check-ins from Austin Bergstrom late last week — and took some time to report on what they were seeing and hearing.

We got the following from Andy Morris, founding partner at The Morris + King Company, sent via iPhone, of course:

At SXSW, it’s not about Plan A, it’s about Plan B and Plan C…

Only the rookies focus on Plan A; it’s the pros who know that even the best laid plans go awry and, inevitably, at SXSW they do (sometimes quite spectacularly).  Witness the different brand activations that were washed out in the monsoon conditions of Friday and Saturday.  Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of cool experiential outdoor venues went down the drain because the event producers could not procure tents.

Among the marketers who were able to make lemonade out of lemons: GroupMe hustled to source branded ponchos; Sonar produced striking yellow umbrellas overnight; IRL Productions and Kraft overnighted 2,000 umbrellas to Austin that said #keepyournoodledry; and Conduit, a client of MKC, was able to secure a massive, big top-style tent to shelter Conduit Corner.

If something happens at SXSW and it’s not tweeted about or Instagrammed or Facebooked, did it really happen?  I think most of us would argue no…

With so much happening and so many competing claims for attention, smart marketers not only broadcast their events, messages, etc., they look at social channels as a real-time feedback loop and make adjustments accordingly.

In Austin, it’s not just how you tweet or what you post, it’s also an opportunity to demonstrate your IRL Klout.  This is evidenced by one’s ability to get into hot parties, pull in “lesser connected” folks and to secure coveted trophies like Jay Z tickets.  If you’re really a social media stud like Gary Vaynerchuck, you can post a money shot of you and Jigga…alone, backstage.  That s*** cray.

Jigga looks a little dazed in that snapshot, but cool nonetheless.

Porter Novelli is still rapping in its Day 4 WrapRap below.

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With the music conference well underway, we’ve got a clip of one of the bands performing above, just for some afternoon fun. Not to mention she’s awesome. (The Hairpin has a bunch more.)

And please share your interesting anecdotes and or nuggets of knowledge in the comments section below.