Pulitzer Prizes Expand Eligibility

PulitzerThe Pulitzer Prizes have opened their golden arms to magazines. The board announced that it will now allow entries from print and online magazines in the Investigative Reporting and Feature Writing categories.

“After a considered review and discussion, we are adopting these changes in a spirit of experimentation, rooted in a commitment to the enduring values of great journalism,” said Danielle Allen, chair of the Pulitzer board, in a statement. “We have chosen to focus our evolution on investigative reporting because of its relevance to public life and feature writing because of its emphasis on literary merit.”

The Pulitzers have also changed their guidelines on partnerships. News organizations can now nominate partnering organizations, even if those organizations aren’t Pulitzer eligible. “We support efforts to use cross-media partnerships, new platforms and new tools to strengthen the cause of journalism,” added Allen.

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