Pump Up Your Recruiting Portal

ERE’s latest post is about testing your company’s careers site. Apparently most companies don’t eat their own HR dogfood, as this time last year Forrester Research examined four job boards and eight corporate careers sites and gave them all failing grades for usability issues. Luckily, according to ERE, you don’t have to have an outside firm come in to tell you what needs fixing: this is an entirely DIY endeavor.

Pick out a range of employees from various disciplines within your company and watch them perform 7 to 10 pre-determined tasks based on various scenarios. Be prepared with a pen and paper to take notes, and have a stopwatch ready so that you can measure time-on-task.

Task 1: First Impressions
Task 2: 5 minutes of free exploration (where did they go first, second, and third?)
Task 3: Learn about employee benefits (timed task)
Task 4: Apply for a job (timed task)
Task 5: Replace upload forms
Task 6: Give them a place to go (i.e. “job description”) and check the path they took
Task 7: Return Exploration: let them go anywhere they felt confused about or wanted to revisit. Capture the stops.

If the results are eye-opening (in a bad way), then it’s time for a sit-down with the head of your IT team. Be sure to come armed with the results of your test and a positive attitude, or you may experience some resistance.

ERE thinks you won’t need to do this with more than 5 or so employees—what a quick and effortless way to learn what you need to know about your careers site!