Putin Sheds a Tear, The Russian People Protest

OMG! Was Vladimir Putin crying?!

A photo of the newly-reelected Russian President as he made a speech over the weekend has everyone asking if the man known for doing judo and running around without a shirt got a little emotional after his big win. That glistening on his face in the photo at left is the tear in question. The Wall Street Journal has a close-up of the controversial tear on the cover of today’s paper.

When asked if the tear was real, Putin responded, “Well, yes, they were real — real from the wind.” Because, of course, Putin doesn’t cry. “Well, at least that was his explanation for what happened,” his spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, later added.

More importantly, the Russian people have once again taken to the streets in protest, saying that election fraud took place. (There were protests following a vote in December.) Election observers have backed up the claim, saying that TV news was biased in Putin’s favor and government funds were used in his campaign. Putin won with nearly two-thirds of the vote. He was previously President for eight years and Prime Minister for four. This election adds another six-year term.

[image: Ivan Sekretarev/AP Photo]

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