Puzzle Combat Game Crusaders Quest Launches on iOS, Android

Crusaders QuestToast, the mobile game division for NHN Entertainment USA, has announced the release of Crusaders Quest on iOS and Android devices. The puzzle combat game sees players battling enemies on an adventure to save the Goddesses (and the world) from evil forces. Gamers can recruit and create a team using more than 200 unique heroes (in six classes) as they make their way through multiple environments, from forests and deserts to seascapes and volcanoes.

The game’s campaign is split into individual quests, each containing battles against enemy forces. Players create a team of units including archers, warriors, hunters, wizards and more, with each having their own stats and strengths. During battle, heroes progress from left to right across the screen, automatically attacking enemies (including bosses) in multiple waves along the path.

Special attack symbols fill a bar at the bottom of the screen, introducing some light puzzle mechanics to the game. Users can tap on these symbols to activate their associated attack, with the goal of making matching symbols line up in a group (like a match-three game). When players tap on these larger groups, the resulting skill is stronger than that of a single symbol. Crusaders QuestAfter each battle, units gain experience points and eventually level up. Once a unit has reached its maximum level, it can be promoted into a stronger unit using special currency that is only earned when selling heroes, winning a battle in the Colosseum or clearing an ancient dungeon.

As units gain promotions, they gain star ratings. Heroes at three stars or above unlock special skills. An archer, for instance, may have a skill that allows them to call down a rain of fire on enemies. To activate these skills during battle, players must first earn SP points by clearing symbols in the puzzle bar associated with those particular units.

Back at town, users can equip their heroes with new weapons, or upgrade existing weapons to make them stronger. These upgrades cost coins to undertake, but coins are earned for free by completing quests.

In addition, as users rescue Goddesses, these can be added to the team as secondary helper characters. The trainee Forest Goddess Sera, for instance, can be used to activate a shield around the team when her power bar is filled (this happens naturally during battle).

For social features, users can compete against others in player-vs-player battles, or chat with strangers in a real-time chat window on the town screen.

“The wait for Crusaders Quest is over for iOS and Android gamers, as well as for the tens of thousands of fans who pre-registered for the release and will receive special in-game items,” said Jimin Kim, product manager for the Toast brand, in a statement. “With Crusaders Quest now available on both iOS and Android, gamers can pick up and match their way through the best elements of classic action, RPG and matching games.”

Crusaders Quest is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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