Quantcast CMO Exits to Run Kids-Focused Media Startup

Steven Wolfe Pereira will serve as the new CEO of Encantos

Pereira is leaving the analytics firm after 17 months. Paul Gilmore

Former Quantcast chief marketing and communications officer Steven Wolfe Pereira is leaving the analytics firm after 17 months in the post to focus full-time on the diversity-focused direct-to-consumer kids media startup he co-founded, Encantos.

Wolfe Pereira will take over as CEO of Encantos, replacing his wife and fellow co-founder, Nuria Santamaria Wolfe, who will stay on as CMO. He said that while he is proud of what he accomplished at Quantcast, four-year-old Encantos is reaching a point in its trajectory where it makes sense for him to step in and attempt to double down on growth.

“All these things are certainly bittersweet,” Wolfe Pereira told Adweek. “We helped elevate the brand; we helped launch new products; it’s a really important time with the dawn of the AI era, and every brand is going to be transformed by AI in some way shape or form so we felt like we really created the marketing practice, and the company’s well on its way to achieving its new product goals.”

Wolfe Pereira’s mission at Quantcast was to boost its image as a leader in artificial intelligence as the firm invested more than $250 million in research and development around its AI-powered tools, which provide audience and advertising stats to the industry.

Both he and COO Robert Horler, hired a few months after Wolfe Pereira, described their appointments as part of Quantcast “growing up” and getting “back to basics” as an analytics and audience insights company.

Quantcast confirmed the news but declined to comment on his departure or any possible replacement.

Before joining Quantcast in September 2017, Wolfe Pereira previously served as CMO for analytics firm Neustar. Before that, he worked in marketing roles at Oracle, Univision and Experian.

As a marketing executive in his day job, Wolfe Pereira said he hasn’t been involved much in day-to-day operations at Encantos to this point. But now that the company is expanding its portfolio into a variety of different content models, he hopes to steer growth to fill what he sees as a dearth of multiculturally-focused digital media for a new generation of children.

“Now that we’re going to be launching more direct-to-consumer programs—one brand will be a subscription direct-to-consumer brand, the other one will have ecommerce elements as well as content—it just requires so much more to go from one brand to a house of brands, it just requires a lot more attention,” Wolfe Pereira said.

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