Quattro Vets Team Up for Mobile Ad Startup Adelphic

New platform offers new way to target mobile audiences

Mobile advertising may be growing quickly, but, for advertisers and consumers alike, it still leaves much to be desired.

However, two alums of Quattro Wireless (which later grew into Apple’s iAd program) think they have an approach that will help advertisers and publishers target mobile audiences more effectively.

Adelphic Mobile, launched today by Jennifer Lum and Changfeng Wang, says it’s developed predictive technology called AudienceCubeTM that analyzes mobile traffic and user interactions to identify and target potential audiences in real time and at scale.

“What we’re working on at Adelphic is solving some of the problems preventing mobile marketing from moving forward at rates that match mobile inventory and traffic,” said Lum. The new platform enables the buying and selling of targeted advertising at scale, and it offers stronger ad effectiveness in mobile transactions to give marketers more confidence in the channel, she said.

Typically, Lum continued, advertisers are forced to target very coarsely on mobile, reaching audiences through content verticals or mobile characteristics. But she said that Adelphic is able to map mobile traffic from publishers to the kinds of audiences that advertisers want to build, for example, East Coast men in a specific age group.

“Digital media is real time and requires granular micro segments,” said Wang, adding that Adelphic’s data-driven technology has been developed over the course of his career.

But as mobile adoption explodes and publishers and advertisers try to figure out how to monetize it, Adelphic isn’t alone in offering a new way to tackle the problem. Other mobile competitors are also launching ad networks and platforms intended to help advertisers reach people more effectively.

The founders of Adelphic said they don’t yet have conversion rates for their technology, as it’s been in private beta until now. But Wang’s previous products at Quattro and Enpocket saw conversion rates between 3.4 and 10 times the standard and Adelphic’s conversion rate would be in line with those.

The company also said it’s raised $2 million in funding from Matrix Partners to help the company grow across its business.

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