Quentin Tarantino, Movie Theater Owner

It’s the best succession imaginable. After helping Los Angeles repertory house the New Beverly Cinema for years as a silent partner (and owner-landlord since 2007), filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has taken over the operation of the mid-city enterprise and is officially launching himself for the next few months as the joint’s chief programmer.


He talked to Elvis Mitchell about the first wave of big-screen goodies on the latest episode of weekly KCRW-FM program The Treatment. Columbia Pictures, as a reward for the box office performance of Django Unchained, gifted Tarantino with a remastered print of the late Paul Mazursky‘s classic Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. Mazursky even did the color correcting. The new print will be shown tonight and Thursday as part of a special two-day tribute to Mazursky, on a double bill with Blume in Love:

“We played this double feature at the New Beverly about two years ago, and Paul Mazursky showed up,” Tarantino tells Mitchell. “I was there, and we had an impromptu question-and-answer session. It ended up being crazy illuminating, really, really lovely.”

Tarantino that night also accepted an invitation to join Mazursky and actor-pals like Ronnie Schell and George Segal for breakfast at nearby Farmers Market. When QT showed up, Mazursky introduced him as “the guy who did Inglourious Basterds… A really good friend of the Jews.” (Mitchell uses that same designation, comically, several times later on to re-introduce Tarantino.)

A hallmark of the new New Beverly Cinema is that there will be no digital projection. Part of Tarantio’s excitement is that he will get to showcase classic movies in their original 35mm glory. Another notable aspect: the ticket price, $8 for a double bill. Later this month, the late Robin Williams will also be remembered with the pairing of The Best of Times and Moscow on the Hudson.

Listen to the rest of Mitchell’s conversation with Tarantino here.

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