Quintly Looks Back At 2013 Facebook Predictions; Offers Six For 2014

Social analytics firm Quintly looked back at its Facebook and social media predictions for 2013 and shared its 2014 list in a post on its blog.

20132014Sand650Social analytics firm Quintly looked back at its Facebook and social media predictions for 2013 and shared its 2014 list in a post on its blog.

Quintly analyzed its 2013 predictions as follows:

  • Facebook metrics will shift to interaction-driven key performance indicators: This is still in the process, but companies around the world made a big step in 2013.
  • Showdown with Google — Facebook ads everywhere as ads expand to the whole Internet, the mobile Web, and mobile apps: Facebook made a huge step forward with mobile ads and could prove that mobile works well, if not better, than desktop when it comes to ads performance. However, it is still advertising mostly on its own platform, and it seems like this will not change too soon.
  • 1 billion and counting: Who said anything about Facebook fatigue? True. Facebook keeps growing and growing. In September 2013, it counted about 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide.
  • Facebook adjusts News Feed, moving toward interest lists and closer in concept to Google Plus: The News Feed algorithm was tweaked a lot during the past year and now surfaces older content much better now. Interest lists are still there, but I thought they would become much more important.
  • Gifting and social commerce offers to expand as Amazon edges in: Facebook Gifts still worked really well with some new partner integrations in 2013, but in terms of social commerce, I think we have not yet seen the breakthrough. There is much more to come.
  • SoLoMo (social, local, mobile) — Facebook sets the example for 2013: Facebook clearly improved its product across all channels and especially invested a lot in its mobile strategy. Also, Facebook check-ins became more important in the local context, although there is much room for improvement when compared with services like Foursquare.
  • Facebook stock will recover from its losses and turn upward: Very true. The stock is currently slightly under $60 per share, which is a huge increase after the past year’s struggling.

Quintly also offered six predictions for 2014, with further details available in its blog post:

  1. Brands will become broader and be present on more networks.
  2. Display ads will transition to social ads or get social context.
  3. Social media influence on search results will increase.
  4. Paying for social media as a brand will be the standard scenario.
  5. The number of social media campaigns will increase further.
  6. Measurement of social media performance and return is more important than ever.

Readers: What did you think of Quintly’s predictions for 2014?

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