Quora and Moviefone Partner to Release Hunger Games Question of the Day

In a cool move by inspired by Kat Li over at Quora, Moviefone and Quora have partnered up to promote Hunger Games and reach out to readers and potential movie watchers.  Moviefone will be taking one Hunger Games question from Quora each day  and highlighting the best answers on their site.  The Quora discussion around the upcoming movie and already completed book trilogy is massive, and the questions and answers are interesting and insightful.

You can check out the questions over at the Moviefone site dedicated to Quora.  I’m a big fan of what Quora is trying to do, and while its momentum has tapered off in the face of monolithic Google+ and meteoric Pinterest, I believe they offer a strong service and their niche will sustain them.

You only have to look at the Quora page dedicated to the Hunger Games to see a whole series of interesting questions related to the series, and catch a whiff of what the site offers.  I believe that people interested in questions and answers may be a bit tired of Yahoo!’s Answers site which alternates between facetious and prosaic.

What do you think of this partnership?