Quote of Note | Harvey Weinstein

“There’s something about the fashion world that I like, which is, I see a lot of the designers really have affection for other designers. It’s less bitchy than I thought it would be.…Here’s the myth about the fashion industry that I never knew: I have never seen people work as hard as these designers. Seven collections a year? It’s crazy. Who made that rule? In the movie industry, we are spoiled compared to fashion designers. The amount of pressure on Marc Jacobs, the amount of pressure on Stella [McCartney], who’s my pal, and Diane [von Furstenberg] and Tommy [Hilfiger] and Michael Kors, and I don’t care how big their staffs are, you know, because they are the ultimate arbiter of taste and they are all hands on. It’s too much.”

Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Co., in an interview with Katya Foreman published in today’s issue of Women’s Wear Daily

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