Quote of Note | Hella Jongerius

“There’s so much superficial rubbish made! You can expect a good designer to pick up on the signals that characterize a particular moment, to analyze them, and find a meaningful way of translating them, trusting not only their intuition but also taking scientific insights into account. A translation like that must not only do justice, for example, to the longing for the past that is popping up everywhere, but also to the present. I’m a passionate advocate of resuming handicraft techniques, not because I want to go back in time but precisely because I want to take a new step forward. I look at what old techniques can teach us in the light of the present capacities of industry. Industry has its own laws and codes, possibilities and impossibilities. Handicraft offers a powerful response to the restrictions of industry, but it has to be intelligently incorporated into the industrial process. Moreover, handicraft can create the pendant to the never-ending quest for more and more things. Perhaps that quest is the consequence of the mass of inferior products with which the market is flooded.”

-Dutch product designer Hella Jongerius, interviewed by Louise Schouwenberg in the new monograph Hella Jongerius: Misfit (Phaidon), designed by Irma Boom