R2Games Launches Heroes of the Banner on Facebook

Heroes of the BannerGlobal games publisher R2 Games has announced the release of its newest browser title, Heroes of the Banner, in open beta on Facebook. The game is the company’s first step into the tower defense genre, and challenges players to defend their kingdom from evil monsters walking down a set path. Rather than challenging players to build new towers on a different path in each level, the game asks users to build and upgrade their existing towers as they complete multiple waves and battles on each map.

In Heroes of the Banner, players complete levels by defeating increasingly difficult enemies. Users build towers at set points along the path, with different build locations unlocking as players survive waves. Since players are defending the same path across multiple levels, users must defend their base by increasing their defenses as the enemies also become stronger. This includes upgrading individual towers to offer new abilities, or upgrading the heroes stationed in each tower.

To be specific, each tower is controlled by a single hero, with the hero’s type determining the type of constructed tower. For instance, a sorceress can be used to build a spell tower. It may start as a freeze tower, but can be upgraded to shoot fireballs at enemies (among other upgrades).Heroes of the BannerGamers recruit new heroes in the Tavern (free or premium), and while two heroes might have the same base tower type, they can also offer a different specific skill, which players are given control of during battle. One skill may slow down enemies by surrounding them in ice, while another summons a machine gun for instant damage to a small group of enemies, and so on. These skills require mana to trigger during combat, but this mana is earned for free from fallen enemies.

Players also receive coins as they defeat enemies and complete battles. These coins are then spent on upgrading each hero’s attack power. Users also collect equipment items over time (or can craft them), which can be assigned to heroes for even larger stat boosts.

Players must spend energy to access each battle, but this energy recharges automatically over time. In addition, players receive free rewards for staying logged into the game for long periods of time of each day.

Heroes of the Banner is available to play for free on Facebook and in browsers.