Author Struggled Most With the ‘Marilyn Monroe Diet’

The Cut's celebrity diet sampler chats about her new book

Brand new this week, just in time for those fast-fading New Year’s resolutions: The Cut celebrity lifestyle columnist Rebecca Harrington’s book I’ll Have What She’s Having. The tome expands upon Harrington’s previous postings for New York magazine with seven new ones (as well as an introduction and conclusion).

When Flavorwire’s Elisabeth Donnelly asked which one of the celebrity diets mimicked and covered made the author feel most unhealthy, Harrington replied:

Marilyn Monroe’s. That diet was messed up. She’d eat two raw eggs in warm milk, nothing all day, then a steak with raw carrots, and then a hot fudge sundae at ten p.m. You feel so bad, you felt like shit all day, you just wanted to sleep.”

Some like it weird. Harrington goes on to add that the prescribed diet of President William Howard Taft wasn’t much better. Read the full Q&A here.

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