Red Bull, Lindt Chocolate USA, Coca-Cola and more among this week’s top PTAT gainers for food/beverages pages

Red Bull is this week’s top gaining page for the People Talking About This metric among the food and beverages category. The page received 847,427 additional engagements this week.

The top 10 food and beverage pages saw PTAT growth between 95,109 and 847,427 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth 
1   Red Bull 1,389,711 0 +847,427
2   Lindt Chocolate USA 553,704 +14,087 +500,227
3   Coca-Cola 3,254,539 0 +363,846
4   Burger King 466,605 0 +207,501
5   Monster Energy 797,967 0 +177,786
6   Pringles Australia 221,763 -5,153 +116,333
7   BrahmaSeleção 966,961 +25,676 +110,502
8   Bingo! 139,541 +3,919 +107,380
9   Rockin’ Wellness Inc. 137,020 +10,497 +104,048
10   5 Gum 122,526 0 +95,109


Last Sunday, Red Bull sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s free fall from the edge of space which was streamed via YouTube. YouTube reports that over 8 million live streamed the jump making it the most watched live event ever for the video sharing site. The page also published multiple posts about the event, the most engaged post receiving 525,328 likes; 69,868 shares and 15,395 comments. Red Bull also had an entirely separate Facebook page specifically for this event, called Red Bull Stratos which has a PTAT of 1.2 million.

Second on this week’s list is Lindt Chocolate USA, most famous for their Lindor Truffles. On Oct. 3, the company published a post saying that it would be announcing something big on Oct. 9. The company continued to build up this announcement through the week. When Oct. 9 finally came, Lindt revealed a promotion rewarding their fans with a coupon for a free bag of Lindor Truffles. As of now, there are no remaining coupons, but fans seem to still be looking to redeem it, leaving comments on the post and writing on the page wall.

Lindt did not use Facebook Offers to run the promotion, but instead ran it through a third-part tab. PTAT does not include the number of offers claimed in this case. Had the company used the internal Facebook Offers, it might have been shared with more friends and would have seen significantly more viral growth. Facebook recently said that three-fourths of Offers claimants discovered the Offer through friends rather than the page itself.

[UPDATE 10/17/2012: CoupSmart, who facilitated Lindt Chocolate’s coupon promotion, has contacted us about their promotion. They have told us that this type of promotion would be impossible to do through Facebook Offers due to different manufacturer restrictions and fraud concerns.]

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