Reddit Goes on Tour

Adweek has a seat on the bus as Reddit swings through the heartland

Greetings from Denver! Adweek has arrived in Colorado just hours before Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are set to square off in the first of three presidential debates. But we're not just here for the political fodder (though, we enjoy it well enough). Starting today, Adweek is embarking on a nine-day journey across the country from Colorado to Kentucky on Reddit's Internet 2012 bus tour.

The trip will take us through schools, college campuses, and startups throughout the heart of the country to showcase the power of the open internet and its effects on everything from agriculture to civic engagement. "We're going on the road to ask a lot of big and unanswered questions, questions about the impact of the Internet on people's daily lives, and about the future of this country," Reddit gm and trip organizer Erik Martin said of the impetus for the tour at the peak of this heated political season.

We'll be posting everything we see and hear along the way to our Internet 2012 blog, which promises to be replete with dispatches from the road, pictures, videos and maybe even a few gifs. For complete coverage make sure you're following us on Twitter (@cwarzel and @digimatized) and check in for updates on the blog, right here.

City Itinerary (will post specific updates each day):

October 3 – Denver, CO

October 4 – Boulder, CO

October 5 – Lincoln, NE

October 6 – Des Moines, IA

October 7 – Iowa City, IA

October 8 – Kansas City, MO

October 9 – St. Louis, MO

October 10 – Lexington, KY

October 11 – Danville, KY


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