Alien Blue Usage Spikes After Reddit Acquisition

After years of being a social network without an official app, Reddit acquired one of the most popular third-party applications -- and its developer.

alien blue

Reddit has been somewhat of a sleeper in the social media market. Growth has been consistent but not spectacular, the community has been engaged but hasn’t generated a great deal of revenue, and Reddit has been a social network without an app. However, the company has purchased Alien Blue to be its first official app.

Alien Blue was the most popular third-party Reddit app, and its monthly and daily active user numbers are pretty impressive. At the time of writing, the app has more than 152,000 MAUs, and DAU numbers have spiked to more than 344,000 during the last month, likely due to the acquisition.

Jason Morrissey, Alien Blue’s sole developer, will join the Reddit team, though he has been working with Reddit for over a year, according to Mike Isaac of the NYT Bits blog.

The recent infusion of investment funding probably enabled this long overdue move to modernize the service. Reddit’s forum layout is definitely a throwback, but that hasn’t stopped user numbers from growing. Not having a mobile app may have cost Reddit some user activity in recent years.

Growing a social network to the point of profitability is difficult (just ask Twitter) but at least some of Reddit’s problems are relatively easy to fix. Creating apps is a great way to keep its users engaged more often, and for longer periods of time.

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