Reddit Launches Its Own Crowdfunding Platform: Redditmade

Reddit has launched its own community-oriented crowdfunding platform, currently in open beta.


Good news for T-shirt-loving redditors: The front page of the Internet has launched its own crowdfunding platform called Redditmade. The site is currently in open beta and contains many T-shirt campaigns — “the quickest and easiest campaigns to create (for now) are for T-shirts,” explains the site’s FAQ. All users need to do is upload a design.

Like other popular crowdfunding platforms, Redditmade gives campaigns 30 days to reach their goals, and funds are not deducted until the goal is met. Rather than pledging a certain amount of money, users pledge to buy the product.

The platform also gives redditors the option of donating the proceeds to another person or cause. It’s highly community-oriented, and promotes featured campaigns, which are endorsed by the moderators of a subreddit. According to Redditmade:

Official campaigns are distinguished on redditmade as featured campaigns, and they can also receive complimentary ads on reddit for the subreddit they are associated with. These ads are a bonus provided if there are impressions available, but the number of views they get may vary, and we can’t guarantee they will be shown at all if a subreddit’s ad space has already been sold. These ads will be automatically generated by our system, so there is no additional work for you to do.

Users aren’t required to provide any money up-front, and Reddit will take a small cut that will go towards maintaining the platform, reports The New York Times.

While the campaigns are filled with T-shirts featuring various iterations of Snoo, Reddit’s alien mascot, judging by the reaction of redditors, it will also be fertile ground for magazines, documentaries and Snoo-inspired hardware too.

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