Redfin, Foursquare Jazz Up Top Ten Java List

RedinIndieCoffeeTopTenFor their “Ten Best Cities for Coffee Snobs,” Redfin and Foursquare came up with the rankings equivalent of a robust espresso shot:

In case you want to move somewhere you can get a quick fix, we calculated the median home price in the ZIP code with the most independent cafes and, just for fun, translated that median home price into lattes (using $4 as the average latte price).

And so, an average home in the heart of #1 ranked Seattle’s indie coffee scene will set you back 120,000 lattes. Also, notice that on this list – bookended in the latte department by 202,500 (San Francisco) and 41,250 (Minneapolis-St. Paul) – the east coast is entirely absent. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and gentrification no doubt all have a lot to do with that.

To celebrate third place, the gang at Colorado University student newspaper CU Independent are today running down some of the joints that earned them the spot. For Boxcar Roasters, there is extra reason to celebrate; this time last year, they were on New York magazine’s list of “58 Extraordinary Coffee Shops Around America:”

Inspired by “cowboy coffee,” Boxcar developed a brewing method called the Boilermaker to make the best of Colorado’s high elevation and low boiling temperature. The process involves immersing the grounds in boiling water and then brewing coffee in glass beakers and laboratory heaters.

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