Reliance Games’ Drone: Shadow Strike Launches on iOS

Reliance Games has announced the launch of Drone: Shadow Strike on iOS devices. Described as an “aerial combat simulation and warfare game,” the title gives players command of a squadron of unmanned vehicles, and sees them raining down destruction on their enemies from above. The game offers over 20 assault, defend and escort special ops missions across four historically inspired campaigns. Throughout it all, players rise through the ranks from airmen to general by upgrading their vehicles and mastering their craft.

In each mission of Drone: Shadow Strike, players have an overall objective (like kill a VIP), as well as secondary objectives (get a kill combo, etc.). During battle, players take on a first-person perspective from the drone’s camera system, and can tap and swipe to move their view of the battlefield. Enemies are highlighted in red, while friendly units are green, and players have multiple varieties of weapons at their disposal to eliminate the opposition.

These weapons include machine guns, missiles, rockets and bombs, which can be toggled in real-time during each mission, depending on the strength of the unit(s) in question. That is, ground units can easily be taken out by a mini-gun, but a tank is better tackled with a bomb or multiple rockets. Some ground units can attempt to attack the drone by shooting rockets into the sky, but gamers can simply tap on these to release a flare and eliminate the threat. When users have selected a weapon, they can focus their aim with one finger, and tap on the “fire” button with another.Drone Shadow StrikePlayers can upgrade their individual weapons as well as their overall drones. Users can increase their drones’ armor, boost its radar and stealth capabilities, as well as upgrade its flares. The types of available weapon upgrades depend on the weapon in question. For instance, cannons can be upgraded with an increased rate of fire and a better cool down stat (to reduce the chance they will overheat during battle), while missiles can be upgraded with a larger “area of effect” stat or a faster reload speed, as examples. Once users start earning a lot of virtual cash, they can purchase entirely new drones. These can also be purchased with premium currency (real money).

At the end of each level, players receive up to three stars, depending on the number of secondary objectives they completed before finishing the main objective. Users can replay stages to try and earn these missed stars, or they can pay premium currency to finish them instantly.

Missions are made a bit easier by purchasing consumables (power-ups) before beginning. These enhancements add special traits to a single level after purchase, and include increased armor for the drone, weapon damage boosts, increased reload speeds, and more. Three additional items, extra flares, air strikes and nuclear bombs, are also available for purchase, but are only consumed once the player actually chooses to deploy one during battle.

Altogether, Drone: Shadow Strike contains over 270 individual challenges to complete, with 50 Game Center achievements to earn. Users can login with Facebook to share their scores with their friends.

Drone: Shadow Strike is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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