Renren HD Set to Launch for Windows 8 App Platform

Renren, one of the biggest Chinese social networks, has been selected as the first social networking application for Windows upcoming Windows store.  The Windows 8 version of the application uses the famed “Metro” look, with various large, colorful rectangles.  The “HD” refers to the fact that it’s optimized to be used on a large screen tablet.

The Windows store is an upcoming app shop where users of Windows 8 and Windows 8 phones can download apps created for the W8 platform and ideally using the “Metro” look.  It’s an entirely new ecosystem and that’s why Microsoft is taking its time to recruit developers and apps before launching it out of its current beta version.  The app is defined as follows:

Renren HD is designed to be fully-integrated with Windows 8, a generational change on Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Through “share contract”, a range of content from different applications can be shared at a single click, including web pages, pictures and videos. Customized for Windows 8, which focuses on integration with social networks and optimized for tablet usage, Renren HD has adopted features such as tiled Metro-style user interfaces and creative content delivery, resulting in a significantly enhanced user experience.

The real story here is that Windows is beginning to court social networking developers to try their new Metro UI, and it’s only a matter of time before we hear of some of the bigger American SNs like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn giving the W8 app store a shot.  Microsoft has been a bit murky about their launch plans for the Windows 8 App Store and phones, and right now some writers are suspecting that if Microsoft “fails to get more big-name applications on board” that they may have trouble ahead.