Report: How Real-Time Marketing Can Boost Campaign Engagement

Connecting marketing tactics to trending topics can increase consumer engagement exponentially.

real-time marketing

Real-time marketing can be tricky. In fact, a tweet from Oreo during a blackout in the 2013 Super Bowl has been hailed as one of the biggest real-time marketing successes. In an attempt to better understand how best to position your marketing teams, digital trend marketing agency Taykey has released a detailed report [PDF].

Taykey analyzed data from more than 60 trend-targeted campaigns that ran between July 1 and Sept. 30. In order to provide consistent points of comparison, engagement metrics for trend-targeted ads were measured against estimated industry benchmarks, including Google/Doubleclick, Sizmek and eMarketer. Taykey also mined data from dozens of Fortune 500 ad campaigns and tied that data to benchmarks to measure performance.

Some of the results are astounding. The top-performing campaign was managed by LG. When the company released photos of their new smart watch, the campaign exceeded benchmarks by 925 percent. iCloud confirming that celebrity accounts had been hacked exceeded benchmarks by 700 percent. The opening of the ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ pre-order period exceeded benchmarks by 534 percent.

Many of the leading trends were in the technology field, and while some material can be prepared in advance, it’s difficult to tell what the public reaction to a launch event will be. According to the report, “Arguably, the largest technology tent-pole event of Q3 was the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models. Marketers could have planned for this, but no one could have predicted the iPhone 6 ‘bendgate’ story.”

Clustering around known ‘tent pole’ events can give marketers insight into where to start. It’s also impossible to ignore the influence of social networks and public reaction once stories make the headlines.

One of the overall trends noted in the report include the strong performance of technology news across many fields, and the impact of celebrities on the performance of benchmarks — even when those celebrities weren’t directly tied to that specific marketing campaign.

The report details the top performers across categories from telecommunications, consumer packaged goods and online video. View the PDF here to understand just how much marketing can prosper if marketers are ready to take developing events into account.

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